Thursday, April 26, 2018

Who are we?

El Sol district is a vibrant volunteer community of Hispanic youth, volunteers, leaders, and their friends and families that are a part of the worldwide, leading youth movement known as Scouting.

We are passionate about supporting young people in their physical, mental, social, and spiritual development, so that they can reach their maximum potential, and play constructive roles in society.

Our youth and volunteers have cultural roots in different Latin American countries, from Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Guatemala to Puerto Rico and other parts of the Unites States. 

El Sol district is a part of Northern Star Council and currently serves over 350 youth residing all over the Twin Cities; it has more than 90 adult volunteers that support and deliver the Scouting programs. 

Our Mission, Vision, Motto, and Goals

Our mission is "to develop the next generation of Hispanic leaders."
Our vision is "to prepare Hispanic youth to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes, by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law."
Our motto is "Join the Scouting Adventure!" expressing the encouragement and enthusiasm to have a strong tradition of Scouting in the Hispanic community.
Our goals center on providing a fun and healthy environment where young people can:

Be a part of the Scouting community
Learn strong moral values
Discover their talents and skills
Grown in their self-confidence
Develop their character and leadership potential
Share fun, outdoor activities with their family
Forge friendships that will last a lifetime
Enjoy the experience of nature

Our History

"El Sol" district was created thanks to the collaborative effort of the Northern Star Council and the vision of seven key community leaders in the Hispanic community of the Twin Cities.

In 1937, the first Spanish-speaking Boy Scout Troop in Minnesota was founded. Troop 99, chartered by Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, served the Latino youth in the West Side of Saint Paul, and it was active until 1942.

The second Spanish-speaking Boy Scout Troop in Minnesota serving the Latino community was started in 1982.Troop 9228 was also based in the West Side neighborhood of Saint Paul and sought to actively emphasize the Scouts' Hispanic heritage and roots, blending them into the traditional Scouting curriculum. Troop 9228 has been championed by Scoutmaster and current El Sol district Commissioner Gary Gorman, who continues to lead the troop to the present day with unparalleled energy!

In October 2006, El Sol's operating district committee was formed. The "founding fathers" of the district all had a common vision and purpose: to positively transform the lives of Hispanic youth, to instill in them the solid values of Scouting, and to give them the opportunity to have fun in a healthy way.

Since June 2007, El Sol has experienced tremendous youth membership growth and program development with having served more than 450 youth, aged 6 to 20. For this reason, El Sol has been recognized as the Boy Scout District with the second highest growth rate among 81 Boy Scout Councils in the Midwest region of the United States.

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