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Monday, June 01, 2020
Our Aims and Values

Being part of the Scouting family encourages youth to learn and practice the timeless values of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.  

Leadership, Citizenship, and Character Development 

Scouting is an association of boys, young men, young women, and volunteer leaders with the aim of helping youth develop character, get trained in citizenship, and fitness.

Scouting hopes to help young people grow to be responsible, resourceful members of their communities, their country, and the world, and trains them in the skills and exercise of leadership.

Scouts learn both to follow and to lead under caring adult scout leaders, who actively work with youth and their families.  By providing youth with a fun-filled, worthwhile program that teaches values, be setting a good example, and by showing youth how to improve their local communities, Scout leaders are actively enriching Scout's lives and providing them with a real-life model of character, moral strength, problem solving, and leadership.

Family and Community

Scouting is a family and neighborhood-based program, with the goal of helping parents with their sons' development of strong values and healthy minds and bodies.

Scouting's family-centered program encourages closeness to family; it gives single parents as well as family units the opportunity to participate in activities with their sons that they normally could not do, providing a positive way for parents and sons to grow closer together.

In addition, by having Scouts participate in packs and troops, they will also be a part of the Scouting community at-large, made up of all the families that are in Scouting too.

Hispanic Culture

El Sol district is committed to bringing Scouting to the Hispanic and Latino immigrant communities in Minnesota.  Most of the Scouts in El Sol district have family trees whose recent roots can be traced back to Latin American and Spanish-Speaking countries.

Our Scouts develop a sense of pride in themselves, their families, their heritage, and their communities, and this includes maintaining ta sense of their Hispanic cultural traditions and identity. 

Many families recently arrived to the United States have found that being a part of the Scouting program, not only instills good values in their sons, but can also help them learn about traditional American culture, while maintaining an understanding of and pride in their own cultural roots. 

Outdoors and Adventures

Young people naturally crave fun and adventure...and so, youth join the Scout movement because of the fun, adventure, excitement, and fellowship that can be found nowhere else, in such full measure, as when participating in Scouting's high adventure activities with their buddies and admired leaders.

 From kayaking in rapid waters, to rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking up a hill, or going scuba diving, there is a great diversity of outdoor activities to participate in all year round. 

Scouting gives youth a lot more than just fun-it gives them fun with a purpose. It is in the outdoors that Scouts share responsibilities, learn to live with each other, and see the skills and activities practiced at meetings come alive with purpose.  Being close to nature also helps Scouts gain an appreciation for God's handiwork and humankind's place in it, and to learn ecology and the conservation of nature's resources. 

Community Service

"To help other people at all times" is more than a part of the Scout Oath, it's a lifetime ethic of service taught by putting these ideals into practice.  In Scouting, youth learn their responsibility to other people, and to the society and country they live in.  Young people grow as they participate in community service projects, understand other people's needs and work together to fulfill them.

Service towards others is often rooted in, and intersects with beliefs and values in the different traditional religions of the world.  We encourage young people to practice and deepen their individual spiritual faith, teaching them about the importance of respecting the differing beliefs and religious traditions of others around them, while staying true to their own.

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