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Monday, June 01, 2020

Give a Gift Today!

"El Sol" district specializes in making Scouting accessible to the youth and families in the Hispanic and Latino immigrant communities in Minnesota.  To achieve this, we rely on contributions from individuals and organizations.  By giving a gift designated to "El Sol" district, you ensure that all youth who want to be involved in Scouting can have the opportunity to join - regardless of their socio-economic background or financial situation. 


How Can I Donate?

Please consider joining the individuals, corporations, and foundations that support teaching character and leadership to Minnesota's Hispanic youth by making a contribution today.

Please consider supporting one or more youth.
You can donate now by clicking on the button on this page or by calling 651-254-9144

It costs $171 per year to provide services to a single youth in Scouting.
That's just $14.25 per month - or 47 cents per day! Gifts of any amount are welcome.

All gifts go towards helping the next generation of Hispanic youth
build character, self-confidence, and develop leadership skills.


Other Ways to Give:
In addition to online gifts through our secure server, you can give:
By telephone, using a credit card at 651-254-9144
By check, which can be mailed to us as:

Northern Star Council
Attn: El Sol District
393 Marshall Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102

Matching gifts
Gifts honoring a special occasion
Wire transfer funds
Real estate gifts
Gifts in kind
Equipment (camping, outdoor, sports equipment) and gently-used Scout uniforms

How Does Your Gift Impact the Young People in Scouting?

If you are wondering what these dividends are...just take a look at our bottom line and see what happens when a youth joins Scouting:

91% of men who were Scouts completed high school
35% of men who were Scouts earned college degrees
18% will discover and develop a lifelong hobby
17% will become volunteers when they reach their adult age
8% will enter a vocation learned through the Merit Badge program

of Scouts say Scouting taught them to be a better leader
80% of Scouts say Scouting taught them to treat others with respect
78% of Scouts say Scouting taught them to care more for other people
78% of Scouts say Scouting taught them to always give their best effort
84% of Scouts say Scouting taught them how to be honest

1% will use Scouting skills to save the life of another person
1% will use Scouting skills to save his own life
2% will become Eagle Scouts
Rarely will one be brought before the juvenile court system!

How We Are Funded:                                                                    How We Invest:

Who Else Pays for Scouting?

Scout Groups
Most Scout groups hold one or more fundraisers each year to meet expenses for supplies and activities.  The most popular fundraiser is the Popcorn Sale.  This money helps pay for camping equipment, registration fees, Boys' Life magazine, uniform insignia, special activities, and program materials.

Community Organizations
Chartered organization using the Scouting program provides a meeting place and adult volunteer leadership for the Scout groups. A few charter organizations are able to provide occasional, special, event-specific, financial help for Scout groups.  They may help to meet expenses of Scouts participating in national events, like the National Jamboree, or travel expenses to the High Adventures Scout Bases located throughout the country.

Northern Star Council
Financial Resources from the local Council provide for professional staff supervision, service for existing programs, organization of new Scout programs, training of volunteer leaders, and maintenance of council camps and property.  They also finance the operation of the two local council service centers, where volunteer leaders can obtain literature, advancement and membership records and other items vital to the program.

National Boy Scouts of America
Registration fees, council service fees, Scouting and Boys' Life magazine fees, sale of uniforms and equipment, among others, go to support the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America.  This money helps to deliver the program of the BSA through four regional service centers and more than 300 local councils across the nation to meet the needs of the youth.

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