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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Why Volunteer?

You can make an enormous positive difference in the life of a young person by giving of your time and talents to support Scouting.  Often times, volunteering goes well beyond transforming the life of a single boy or girl, and has a ripple effect that benefits Scouts" families and the entire local community.  Also, did you know that volunteering has many benefits for the individual too?

How Do I Volunteer?

1.  Consider carefully your interests, skills, and time availability, so that we can math you to the best opportunity. 

2.  Please tell us about your volunteer area of interest.

Contact us by clicking on the button or by calling 763-231-7234

3. We will connect you to other volunteers and staff,
who will share more details about the opportunities available.

Volunteer Opportunities
There are many different volunteer opportunities, according to your interests, hobbies, and skills.

Volunteer positions vary greatly in the amount of time necessary: you can choose to spend just a few hours a year or several hours each week.

The amount of time and degree of involvement varies by a number of factors including:
     Type of Program: based on the ages and capabilities of youth members.
     Role: whether serving as a primary youth leader, an assistant leader, or as a part of a committee at the district or council levels.
     Responsibility: Some require an ongoing commitment, with weekly meetings;others are task-specific and meet seasonally or on a periodic basis.

The choice is yours, and opportunities are available year-round in most communities.

Whether you choose to volunteer as a youth leader, merit badge counselor, committee member, or seasonally, centered on the coordination and participation at a particular event you will be making a difference.

Scouting volunteers, at all levels of involvement, are offered: leadership and skills training, access to a vast library of literature and resources, and a support network of fellow volunteers and full-time Scouting professionals.

Since our primary concern is the safety of our youth members, all volunteers go through an application process that includes a criminal background check requiring a social security number.

Most of our volunteers decide to volunteer in one or more of the following roles:
Youth Leader:

Being a Scout leader is probably the most meaningful opportunity to make a profound difference in a young person's life.

As an adult leader, you will be working directly with youth. This typically involves working with other Scout leaders and parents to encourage and guide Scouts, help Scouts pursue their interests and develop their different abilities, coordinating activities, communicating with Scouts' families
and friends you already know as part of your volunteer team.and being a positive adult role model.

You can choose the age group, type of program, and location that best suits your interests. You can be a youth leader at an already existing Scout group, as a part of pre-existing team of volunteers...Or, you can also start a brand new group of Scouting in your community, and involve people

Committee Member:
As a committee member, you will be: helping to carry out the goals and functions of the committee you joined, assisting on special projects, creating and administering elements necessary to support Scout leaders in their work, or working behind the scenes to ensure Scouts have a quality program. There are committees at the district level and at the council level.

You can choose among many different committees, each one with a specific area of interest that can ma
tch your own.
So if you enjoy organizing outdoors excursions, you may be interested in joining the Camping committee; if you enjoy teaching, you may find that being a part of the Training committee may be the most appealing option to you.

Committees currently seeking volunteers are: Membership and Youth Recruitment, Fundraising, District Governance, Marketing and Public Relations, Unit Service, Training, Program and Activities, Advancement, and Camping.

Time commitments vary, with some committees meeting on a monthly/ongoing basis and others meeting only a few times a year or as-needed.

Help organize large events, institute health and safety procedures, provide funding, promote Scouting in the community, and much more.

Seasonal Opportunities:
Some activities and programs occur at a certain time of the year, and are specific to an event, cause or opportunity. Please contact us with enough time in advance so you can help organize some of the most exciting Scouting events that occur annually.

A few examples of seasonal volunteer opportunities are: organizing our annual food drive collection "Scouting for Food" in April, participating as a coach or referee at our "soccer and Scouting" program during the summer months, and coordinating the "pinewood Derby Car" building workshop and Derby race during the month of March.

The Many Benefits of Volunteering
Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community...But did you know that it can have many benefits for you too?

Connecting with your community
Sometimes, in the busyness of everyday life, we forget or take for granted that we are a part of our community.  We all depend on each other, even if we are not aware of it.  Volunteering is ultimately about improving the communities we live in, helping others, having an impact on people's well-being and re-discovering our interconnectedness.  And what better way is there to connect with your community than giving a little back?

Meeting people
Volunteering brings people together.  You will be able to connect with others who share your interests and passions, as well as to meet a diverse range of people.  Volunteering also offers an incredible networking opportunity.  Not only can you develop lasting relationships but it is also a great way to learn about people from different walks of life and learn new perspectives.  You can never tell who you will meet or what new information you will learn and what impact this could have on your life. 

Discovering new interests and hobbies
Volunteering can add a new dimension to your life, by opening up a world beyond the everyday routine of the working life.  Finding new interests and hobbies through volunteering can be fun, relaxing, and energizing.  A volunteer experience can lead you to practice a hobby while helping others, or to discover an interest or skill you were unaware you had.  You can strengthen your personal and professional life by exploring opportunities and expanding your horizons.  And it may yield energy, a fresh perspective, and a renewed sense of fulfillment.

Learning a new skill
Volunteering can present you with the perfect opportunity to discover something you are really good at and develop a new skill.  It is never too late to learn new skills -even if you have finished your educational path or are employed full time.  Planning and implementing a fundraising event can help you develop goal setting, and budgeting skills. Training other volunteers helps to develop supervisory and training skills.  These are just examples that show how volunteering and learning a new skill can enhance your life or your career.

Inspire others
Whether it is your family, friends, teachers or coworkers...people pay attention to your life outside the environment in which they know you. Volunteering reflects a completely new picture of you, and gives real examples of your commitment, dedication, and interests.  Show people what you are passionate about and maybe you will inspire them too!

Health Improvement
Recent studies show that volunteers enjoy greater overall health and tend to have greater longevity, higher functional ability, and less incidence of heart disease.  While the motivation to volunteer is altruistic, it is gratifying to learn that there are so many benefits for the volunteer too!

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