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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Cub Scouting: Boys Ages 7 to 11

Cub Scouting is a family and home centered program, especially designed for boys in the first through fifth grade.  It teaches attitudes and habits that make a boy a better member of his family and community.

Because Cub Scouting is a program for the whole family, it can help parents teach their children values and beliefs while building and strengthening relationships among family members.

In Cub Scouting, Boys Will:

Have a positive place where they can enjoy safe, fun and adventure-filled activities.

Develop a sense of achievement, self-confidence, and respect for others.

Improve physical fitness, learn practical skills, and develop a spirit of community service.

Strengthen relationships with their family members                            .

Experience teamwork and what it is like to be part of a group.

Participate in group "pack" meetings led by parents and volunteer leaders. 


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