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Monday, June 01, 2020

Venturing: Young Men and Women Ages 14-21

Venturing is a co-ed program designed for young-adults to improve character, citizenship, and fitness. Young people ages 14 to 21 learn and exercise leadership skills through social and outdoor activities, and community service projects.

Through a variety of fun and challenging activities, Venturing provides a place where young people learn the real-world meaning of values, ethical decision-making, and life skills. 

Venturers belong to a group called "Crew"; each Venturing crew usually organizes around a special interest of the youth members, such as outdoor activities, sports, arts, and hobbies, or youth ministry, among others. 

In Venturing, Young Adults Will:

Gain confidence and acquire skills to help them grow, mature and become successful adults.

Participate in high adventure, outdoor activities, and sports.

Engage in meaningful community service group projects.

Experience leadership and teamwork while having fun.

Learn ethical decision making and problem-solving skills.

Work closely with adult advisers and other adult leaders.

Develop friendships with other teenagers.

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